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Aloha Microdose Caps

Aloha Micro Dose capsules each contain 150mg Goruden Sensei magic mushrooms. Users can expect increased energy, heightened senses, and being in a state of flow. Enjoy 1 capsule daily. Good moods ahead!

Earthy – Balance Microdose Capsules

Good days are ahead! Earthy Balance capsules helps you get through a turbulent day by supporting your body’s natural hormonal cycles and fighting inflammation, discomfort, depression and stress in balance.

Earthy – Focus Energy Microdose Capsules

It's time to get 'er done! Formulated with organic ingredients Earthy Focus Energy microdose capsules help to improve cognition and energy. Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms combined with Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Shitake and Astragalus help boost your motivation.

Earthy – Immune Support Microdose Capsules

A safe, sustainable way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms without the psychedelic trip. Avoid sick days with Earthy Immunity magic mushroom capsules. Available in 50mg and 100mg options and packed with adaptogens and powerful healing mushrooms such as Chaga, Shitake, Reishi, and Turkey Tail.

Earthy – Stress Defence Microdose Capsules

Stress is the epidemic of the 21st century. Earthy Stress Defense capsules help resist everyday stress and anxiety. Available in 50mg and 100mg options packed with Golden Teacher, Reishi, Astralagus, Turkey Tail, and Skullcap. Formulated with organic ingredients.

Golden Hour Micro Dose Capsules

$85.00 $79.00
This organic nootropic blend combines all the clinically proven health benefits of mushroom adaptogens along with psilocybin.

Golden Mammoth Capsules

Each capsule contains 350mg of Golden Mammoth magic mushrooms. 1 capsule will provide a subtle buzz while 2 or more will take you to a higher level with psychedelic effects. Prepare for your cosmic highway lesson!

Goruden Sensei Capsules

Each capsule contains 400mg of Goruden Sensei magic mushrooms. 1 capsule will provide a subtle buzz while 2 or more will take you to a higher level with psychedelic effects. Let the sensei take you to new levels!

Heart Drops – Psilocybin Chocolates

These treats are made with love! Each heart contains 1.5 grams of active psilocybin mushrooms enrobed in dark Belgium Callebaut chocolate. Split one with a friend for the giggles or enjoy all to yourself for an enlighten experience.

Purple Rain Drops – Kaleidoscope Botanicals

Each capsules contains 100mg of South African Transkei mushrooms plus an amazing mix of adaptogens and organic flowers. A truly special experience. Best taken in the morning before breakfast for increased energy, clarity, and creativity. Handmade in BC.

Room 920™ Mushroom Jelly – Blue Raspberry

Delicious and easy to digest, this blue raspberry jelly is a great way to experience the joys of golden teacher magic mushrooms. 1 gram per jelly. Enjoy it all at once or micro dose to your liking.

Room 920™ Mushroom Jelly – Grape

Enjoy a full day trip or micro dose to your liking with this delicious grape jelly. 1 gram of Golden Teachers in every package.