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Room 920™ Mushroom Jelly – Blue Raspberry

Delicious and easy to digest, this blue raspberry jelly is a great way to experience the joys of golden teacher magic mushrooms. 1 gram per jelly. Enjoy it all at once or micro dose to your liking.

Room 920™ Mushroom Jelly – Grape

Enjoy a full day trip or micro dose to your liking with this delicious grape jelly. 1 gram of Golden Teachers in every package.

Golden Teacher Cubensis

Golden Teachers are a spiritual classic that have been tried and true by shamans and trippers alike. Expand your universe and enjoy a deeper connection to nature with these natural healers.

Huautla Cubensis

Huautla shrooms are know to reliably elicit spiritually meaningful experiences permeated with intense feelings of love and unity. They also provide a strong sense of connection with nature and the universe as a whole.

Penis Envy

One of the most potent strains available, Penis Envy shrooms are known for providing powerful and deep shamanic experiences. Vision quests and intense mystical experiences await.