Safe and Sound Journeys : Curating your Shroom Trip Playlist

Photo by Ilyuza Mingazova on Unsplash

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that setting the tone when it comes to planning a trip is essential. And when it comes to planning your trip with magic mushrooms, music is a powerful tool for creating the right space for safe and happy travels, or whatever it is you’re looking for. Through all of music’s nuances, textures, layers and emotions, it can act as a supportive and steady foundation as you move through your journey with psilocybin.  

Just as you would plan a playlist for a party or road trip, the sequence of your songs are key to creating the right environment for you and your Scooby Snack companions. As you prepare to navigate your way through the different phases of your trip, you might want to ask what types of music can add to each stage of the journey.

Ultimately, if in the deepest of your heart you want to trip on psilocybin to Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ on repeat or use shrooms to amplify your experience of the entire Blink-182 discography, we say, go for it. But since we’re here to explore music’s contribution to your trip a littler further than what we may already know, here are some suggestions for what to look for when curating your magic mushroom playlist.

Phase 1: The Onset

A tune that is supportive and unfolding, a mood that is nurturing and safe much like Harmony Microdose Caps. Consider this your transcendental invitation into the shroomosphere.

Manufactured Art – Vincent Adara

Tunnels and Planes – Nick Leng

Envelopes (Chapter VI) – Leon Vynehall

Cool Bananas – Tell

Phase 2: The Peak

Something layered, hypnotic, cleansing and powerful like Golden Teacher Cubensis. This is the place of breakthrough, and where music becomes a mirror for oneself but also a steady foundation should one need grounding.

Memory Lane – Angara

Departures – David Scott

Love is Not a Losing Game – Waxlife

U – DJ Seinfeld

Phase 3: The Post-Peak

Grounding, restful, integrative, or perhaps something familiar and positive to bring you back into this world.

Till Dig – HNNY

LA4 – Moby

It All Feels Right – Washed Out

Just a Cloud – Lusine, Vilja Larjosto

Want a Professional Opinion?

Psychologist Bill Richards, Ph D., a researcher at Roland Griffith’s lab at John Hopkins University and expert in the field of hallucinogens understands the importance of setting a comfortable and safe environment whenever partaking in magic mushrooms.

After years of studies and sessions with patients, Richards has created and shared his “Psilocybin Research” playlist online. Not your stereotypical magic mushroom playlist, you’ll find classical masterpieces by the likes of Mozart, Vivaldi and Brahms that will support you through your unravelling journeys, and then a familiar and warm favourite, “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong to conclude the trip. What a way to come back.

Richards’ choice for the majority of the playlist being orchestral music was intentional as it he mentioned it is less distracting and less likely to give room for a person to fall back on normal patterns of thinking, with the exception of the final stage where hearing the human voice can be very supportive, even maternal.

Time to Set the Stage

So what songs will you choose to support you on your shroom journey? Are you searching for a breakthrough, an uplifting and fun time, quiet introspection, or maybe all of them? Music is the safe container for your journey, a quiet guide in the background, and a place where you can steady your feet as you explore your personal consciousness. Now that you’ve got some guidelines for your playlist, what musical landscape will you be curating for your next trip?