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How To Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

Magic mushrooms have a ton of benefits and learning how to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada is easy. “But how?” you ask. That’s what we are going to share with you in this article. But before we start discussing how to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, we’d like to give you a little bit of info on exactly what it is you will be buying.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are not like the portabellas you put on the grill. This type of fungi is a sophisticated species that contain psilocybin. This is the substance in the fungi that offer the user a hallucinogenic or psychedelic experience and other positive mental and physical benefits you might not be aware of.

What are the benefits?

Science is finding that natural psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms have a positive effect on people in many ways.

It helps with depression

According to the government, one in four Canadians suffers from depression to the point where they need professional help and treatment. Depression is quite natural and common and luckily it is treatable.

Yet, the legal treatments available via mainstream medical professionals have a bevy of side effects that you might not want to deal with. We understand. Some of the side effects that come with pharmaceutical antidepressants include nausea, weight gain, and insomnia, which don’t sound that great.

Studies have shown that suicidal thoughts can increase in patients who are more vulnerable to them when using certain antidepressants. This side effect is one that makes us stop and think twice about putting ourselves or any of our loved ones on one of those drugs.

On the flip side, another set of recent studies have shown that magic mushrooms can reach patients suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD) who are resistant to other treatments. Currently, a trial is being conducted in the United States, UK, and Europe to investigate dosage strategies. It’s a great time to learn how to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada to get these benefits for yourself.

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And also Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are known to go hand in hand when it comes to certain mental disorders. The close relationship they have makes it seem like a logical next step. If magic mushrooms help depression do they also offer relief to those who suffer from anxiety too?

The answer to that question happens to be yes. A 2016 study showed that psilocybin reduced feelings of anxiety in cancer patients. This was quite a breakthrough because anxiety can have horrible repercussions on the person who suffers from it.

Nervousness, increased heart rate, and all the other icky feelings that come along with anxiety can cause muscle tension, headaches, and even heart issues.

Helps with openness

Openness is a personality trait that is found in most humans. The levels are just different from one person to another. Some people are open to every new experience they can find while others are so resistant to new things they don’t even leave their homes.

Not being open to anything is not healthy for psychological growth. Studies have shown that psilocybin can increase a person’s penchant for openness, which is essential for creativity and a thirst for learning. Without openness, we wouldn’t be curious. 

It helps with addiction

While it may seem weird to turn to one substance to kick the habit of another it’s quite normal and can be a healthy path forward after addiction. Rehabs have long given addicts another drug to wean them off the more harsh, life-altering substances. Recent studies show that psilocybin can also aid those who suffer from addictions to drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Why Should You Buy Online?

Now that you understand all the positive ways magic mushrooms can enhance or aid you in your life you probably want to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada. There are several ways how to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada. You can hit a dispensary, or you can order them online from the comfort of your own home.

There are several reasons why buying online is the best option when making a purchase.


There is no reason why anyone has to know what you are doing or the things that you purchase. When you step into a dispensary then your business becomes public to anyone that

might see you come or go.

When you go online you are the only person who knows what you’re buying. There is nothing wrong with buying magic mushrooms but sometimes you want to keep what you do to yourself.

It’s easy

All you have to do to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada is pick up your nearest device and start filling up your basket with the products you want.

And convenient

While we all want to support local businesses there is no denying the simplicity of pushing a button and having what you want delivered right to your front door. In most areas of the world, the only way you can get psilocybin is from a private source. Our neighbors to the south are just starting to decriminalize it in certain states.

What are the laws in Canada?

Magic mushrooms are a Schedule III substance in Canada, which means you can’t sell them. But possession is legal. This is another good reason to purchase online. Why risk going into a dispensary that is selling illegally when it can be shipped right to your front door?

I’m convinced. How do you buy Magic Mushrooms online in Canada?

Step one…

The first thing you do to buy Magic Mushrooms online in Canada is go to the menu and check out the categories you have to choose from.


Here you will find the selection of dried caps and capsules available to our Canadian customers. There’s Aloha Microdose Caps, which contain Goruden Sensei magic mushrooms.

Benefits you can expect from these caps are increased clarity, energy, and creativity. You can also try the Huautia Capsules, which can give you give you a small buzz or more if you want. One capsule isn’t super potent, but take two for a stronger psychedelic journey.


Microdosing is the practice of taking small amounts of psychedelic drugs to obtain the benefits without constantly being in a hallucinogenic state. There are benefits to microdosing including reduced anxiety, improved energy, and cognitive and social benefits.

In this section, we have some of our best mushrooms in caps or capsules broken down into microdoses for your consumption. All of our microdoses, if taken in the correct dosage won’t disrupt your functioning or get you high.


This is where you find all the tasty treats with mushrooms mixed in to buy online. We have the Dreamland Cookies & Cream Bar, Heart Drops made with Psilocybin Chocolate, and a bevy of other tasty treats.

An extremely beginner friendly and convenient option, these tasty chocolate bars are a great way for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy magic mushrooms. Dreamland Psychedelics Mushroom Chocolates are made with natural, wholesome cocoa and infused with real, potent Golden Teachers.

Golden Teacher mushrooms are a variant of Psilocybe Cubensis, and are specifically sought out by Dreamland Psychedelics for their easy-going, tranquil vibes and limitless potential.

Many recognize Golden Teachers as a class of mushrooms that carry thought-provoking, cerebral effects and wise teachings. It’s simple to get ahold of these delicious edibles when you buy magic mushrooms online in Canada.


In this section, we have some magic mushroom products that you might want to check out like the Lion’s Main Elixir mix or the Maitake Matcha Latte Mix. You won’t even miss caffeine once you start using Lion’s Mane. It’s the pencil sharpener for our modern world.

This elixir allows you to be “on point” as you put your mind to the next task. And don’t worry, no lions were harmed in the making of your new favorite drink. If hanger turns you into a wild beast, reach for a Mushroom Matcha Latte packet.

Ceremonial grade matcha mixes with smooth coconut milk, gut-supporting Maitake mushrooms, and superherb moringa, so all you need is hot water. Sip this sweet and earthy dairy-free latte before or between meals. This is where you will find our non-active mushroom offerings and other herbal remedies.

Step Two…

Start filling up that cart. Check out each category and read the details of our products. We have stress defense, focus energy, and balance capsules to help with anything you might be going through. When you see something you want, put it in your cart.

Step Three…

Once you have all the items you need in your shopping cart it’s time to check out. This will prompt you to become a member of our site, which will require some information and a picture of your identification. You must be 19 years of age to purchase.

Step Four…

The next thing you do is pay for your purchase and wait for your order to arrive.

One last thing…

Now that you can buy magic mushrooms online in Canada and it’s less intimidating you can browse our selection and make your first purchase with ease. Be sure to check out our section on micro-dose capsules, which can bring your experience to a new level.

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How To Use Magic Mushroom Capsules

When we think of psychedelics our minds wander to LSD and mushrooms but capsules are a wonderful alternative, especially for those who are interested in microdosing. In this piece, we’re going to explain how to use magic mushroom capsules in your everyday life.

What are Magic Mushroom Capsules?

The best way to understand how to use Magic Mushroom capsules is to start with each word and break it all down.

What are mushrooms?

This may seem like a silly question but when you think about it do you really know? You might know that they’re fungi, but there is more to it than that. According to the Canadian government, a mushroom is “the reproductive structure produced by some fungi.” This means that the part of the mushroom we eat is just like the fruit picked from a plant, which gives us a better perspective.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

While Magic Mushrooms are also the production of fungi they have something that sets them apart from the rest. Psilocybin, a psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in these strains affects your brain in a certain way, which gives these mushrooms their “magic” properties. Psychedelics like these are quite popular around the world and for good reason. But we’ll get to that later.

What are capsules?

When it comes to medicines there are two types of pills the tablet and the capsule. We won’t waste time discussing the first and move right on. In short, they are the outer shell that holds the medicine inside. You might recognize them when you take herbs like echinacea or St. John’s Wort or some of the conventional pharmaceuticals that might be prescribed to you.

Put them together and you get…

mushroom capsule - enjoy club

…the perfect way to get the exact amount of psilocybin that you need depending on the effect you are trying to achieve. Magic Mushroom capsules that contain psilocybin can be obtained in a couple of ways. You can grow your own magic mushrooms or buy them and make your own capsules, or you can let us put the work into it for you. We offer some great magic mushroom capsules to try after you learn how to use magic mushroom capsules.

Enjoy Club already has a large selection of premade Magic Mushroom capsules ready and available for you to purchase so you can start or continue your micro-dosing with ease. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s find out how to use Magic Mushroom capsules.

How to use Magic Mushroom Capsules

Now that you know what they are it’s time to learn the best way to utilize all the amazing benefits available to you via a small capsule of psilocybin, which we will also get to later in this article. But, when it comes to taking these you have to be aware of the dose you are consuming and how it can affect you. 

When you take a look through our selection of magic mushroom capsules you will see that they differ in several ways. The first difference you might notice is the name, Golden Mammoth, Harmony, and Huautia are a couple you might see but, a distinctive difference is the dosage each one of these products provides to the user.

Harmony MicroDose Caps

For example, the Harmony MicroDose Caps are 200 milligrams (mg) each and can provide benefits such as enhanced energy and a positive mood, while the Golden Mammoth Capsules are 350 mg.

These capsules also help with energy, mood, and creativity. Each of these products has unique qualities and should be included in your Magic Mushroom capsule regime. But how? Easy, jump online and start browsing our supply.

How do I know which Magic Mushroom Capsule is right for me?

If you have taken psychedelics before and are familiar with the effect they have but have not used a controlled method of consuming psilocybin like this, you will be at a different place than someone who has never taken a psychedelic before.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to start small and increase your dose from there to match the effect that feels best to you. When you do this remember that not only does psilocybin take time for you to begin feeling its effects, but once you are high you will be that way for quite some time. This is why micro-dosing and capsules are a wonderful alternative to caps. Anyone who has taken too many knows what we mean.

Customize your experience

Once you’ve decided the dosage you want to purchase next you need to decide what kind of state you want to achieve while taking your capsules. Are you looking for a little mood lift or to have a heightened sense of focus? This is important when it comes to how many capsules you take.

The best approach to using magic mushroom capsules is to take one and see how it makes you feel. Psilocybin affects everyone differently so start with one and move on to two if you feel you need more. After the first time, you will have an idea of how it will affect you and what your dosage should be from there.

What are the benefits of Magic Mushroom Capsules?

Hallucinogens can be a fun high but studies have shown that psilocybin can benefit our psyche in more than one way.

Drug Addiction

Using one drug to kick the addiction of another is quite common. Morphine is used in this way as well. Turns out, psilocybin is has been shown to be a natural asset to those who suffer from cocaine and heroin addiction. Replacing hard drugs with small doses of natural magic mushrooms is much easier than quitting cold turkey and will improve your health outcomes as well.

Positive Personality Changes

There are personality traits that all or most of us possess. The Big 5 are extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism, and each of them “represents a continuum.” This means that all five blend together seamlessly while each is quite distinct.

Psilocybin has been shown to help those who have an issue with openness, which refers to their ability to try new things or connect with new people. While too much openness can be equally as harmful, being closed off to new experiences makes for a boring life. The key is the find a healthy balance. When experimenting with how to use magic mushroom capsules, you may find yourself more confident and open to change.

Microdosing using capsules can help you shoot for your next big promotion or help you handle a big life change. Many users find it easier to roll with what life gives them and find more positive outcomes when they microdose to process their emotions and situation.


More than 280 million people worldwide suffer from or have had any experience with anxiety disorder in 2017 alone. Those are big numbers, which can be calming in its own way. To know that you aren’t alone. But, anxiety disorder can mess with so many areas of your life.

Anxiety disorder isn’t a little worry once in a while. It’s defined as a constant feeling of restlessness, fatigue, irritation, and much more. In 2016, a study conducted on patients suffering from cancer showed that psilocybin had a positive effect on their overall feelings of anxiety.

In its own way learning how to use magic mushroom capsules can be therapeutic if you have anxiety. While in the beginning, the psilocybin takes the lead in providing you with a mood boost, but after a couple of uses you’ll be able to generate that lift in mood in yourself and make it a whole new lifestyle.


When anxiety is brought up depression isn’t far behind. The two moods have been walking hand-in-hand since the beginning of time. For the sake of those reading this, that’s good news here. Because another benefit of adding a bit of psychedelics into your life by learning how to use magic mushroom capsules can also help you with your depression.

Here in Canada, psilocybin is classified as a Schedule III substance and possession is legal, while our neighbor to the south, the USA lists it as a Schedule I drug and the legal ramifications in most States can be steep. Yet, the FDA of the United States is allowing its use as a treatment for depression due to its positive effect on those suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD).

Additional Benefits

Currently, the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins is also researching the effect of psilocybin on issues like smoking, anorexia, and Alzheimer’s disease. All of these disorders are serious and if they find that psilocybin is helpful it would mean help is on the way to millions of people.

In conclusion

As you’ve read, there is much more to this type of lifestyle than just swallowing a pill, which is why we are attempting to educate everyone about how to use magic mushroom capsules. Now that you have a better grasp on how to use Magic Mushroom capsules you can be more confident about the choices you make when browsing through our shop.

Dosing, micro or other, can also be enjoyed with the edibles we offer. They’re a tasty way to get the buzz you are looking for.

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How to Microdose Mushrooms?

There are more to magic mushrooms than just getting high, and taking a dose of magic mushrooms is indeed a very magical experience. But did you know that there is more than one way to experience psychedelics? And some don’t even involve getting high. Imagine taking mushrooms, but instead of the feeling of drifting off to a different dimension, it will help you stay focused, happy, and gratified.

It is fun to just ride your high when you are on a full dose of mushrooms—or more! However, that experience is so precious that you only get to do it a few times each year. If you significantly reduce your dose and only take a small fraction of a regular dose of shrooms, you can yield more benefits that can help you on a daily basis. And that, my friends, is called microdosing.

And this article will explain everything you need to know about microdosing and how to microdose mushrooms.

If this is new for you

It is natural for some to be hesitant to take mushrooms, especially for how psychedelics are portrayed in movies and TV shows. But because the world is changing, people are now more open to these substances more than ever. Research and development teams discovered microdosing and its benefits—making magic mushrooms suitable for most adults!

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is consuming a tiny fractional dose of any psychedelic substance, such as shrooms, LSD, DMT, and all kinds of psychedelics. By reducing the amount of a normal dose, you can experience mushrooms on an entirely different level. If you want to experience the helpful benefits without the high, you should learn how to microdose mushrooms.

You can turn microdosing into a weekly or monthly routine. In a nutshell, microdosing mushrooms can enhance your senses, your level of creativity, give you energy, improve your interactions with other people, and improve your focus.

Keep in mind

However, because people have a tendency to develop a tolerance over time, it is not ideal to microdose mushrooms daily. Don’t worry, because it is a very tiny dose and an all-natural substance, you cannot get addicted to it.

We just want to point out that magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances are illegal in some countries and we are not encouraging you to do it if that is the case where you live.

Who should microdose mushrooms?

Honestly, any adult can benefit from learning how to microdose mushrooms, especially if you need to focus on work or when studying for a big test. It is also a very natural way to unlock creativity. If you are an artist, writer, musician, director, or even a lawyer, you will find certain benefits when microdosing mushrooms.

who should microdose mushrooms - enjoy club

Recent studies in neuroscience state that microdosing is a natural way of alleviating depression. This news is pretty big because instead of taking prescription meds with side-effects, learning how to microdose mushrooms can be a safer alternative. However, it would still be ideal to speak to a professional if you are taking prescription drugs at the moment.

Basically, any adult can benefit from microdosing mushrooms—whether you are in it for the high or in it for the therapeutic effects. Because of the continuous research and development regarding magic mushrooms and other substances, there are now different strains with specific benefits—allowing you to get the aid you need.  

What are the benefits of microdosing?

There are many benefits of microdosing magic mushrooms. Based on studies and consistent results, microdosing mushrooms can:

  1. Improve your overall mood
  2. Enhance your creativity
  3. Improve your focus
  4. Make you more energetic
  5. Reduce your anxiety
  6. Improve your social interaction
  7. Give you cognitive benefits
  8. Give you positive realizations
  9. Boots your immune system
  10. Give you better sleep
  11. Manage alcohol addictions

1. Improve your overall mood

It can give you a general feeling of content, peacefulness, happiness, and calm. It might not be the same intensity as a full dose, but you will still feel the same optimism and realizations that will give you a different perspective on life.

2. Enhance your creativity

It can make you more curious and think outside the box. If you are stuck in a rut or experiencing a creative block, a microdose of shrooms can help you look at things differently—which can open doors for new ideas!

3. Improve your focus

Learning how to microdose mushrooms will enhance your focus—helping you complete your daily tasks and concentrate on what you need to do to achieve a goal.

4. Make you more energetic

It can give you energy you need to last throughout the day or week. Instead of drinking an energy drink, the natural positive energy that you can get from shrooms will help you stay awake and alert!

5. Reduce your anxiety

If you are an introvert who tends to overthink and become anxious on most occasions, you should learn how to microdose mushrooms. It can make you more confident and reduce your general and social anxiety.

6. Improve your social interactions

Because it can make you more confident, microdosing shrooms can help you connect better with others.

7. Give you cognitive benefits

It can heighten your clarity, improve your short-term memory, and improve your ability to solve problems by shifting your perspective. Imagine you are a computer, and microdosing will upgrade your RAM and hard drive space.

8. Give you positive realizations

It can motivate you more into reach your goals, allowing you to be more ambitious and raise your self-confidence. Because all of these benefits aim toward better mental health and increased self-esteem, you will look at life very different and apply yourself in your profession or hobbies.

9. Boost your immune system

Aside from enhancing your visual acuity and other senses, it can also improve your cardio health, reduce headaches, and boost your immune system.

10. Give you better sleep

It can give you higher quality of sleep, which allows most of the benefits to develop and unfold. Every benefit is somewhat connected. By consuming various products and strains, you can yield specific benefits while still experiencing a little bit of everything else.

11. Manage alcohol addictions

Microdoses of mushrooms has this joyful and gratifying effect that can potentially help you keep your mind off your usual habits or vices that could be much more harmful, such as alcohol addiction or cigarette smoking.

How to microdose mushrooms

If you decide to learn how to microdose mushrooms and experience some of the fantastic benefits for yourself, you can check out our stock of mushroom micordoses. It can be a little tricky to measure your dosage if it is your first time, so the safest way is to get your mushrooms in capsule form. The doses are already measured, and you can choose between various strains for different benefits.

The goal of learning how to microdose mushrooms is significantly reducing the amount of the substance to make the “getting high” part unnoticeable—all while taking advantage of the wonderful benefits.

Fresh vs. Dry Mushrooms

It is essential to know that fresh mushrooms contain different quantities of psilocybin than dried shrooms. Aside from that, you should also consider the strain and the anatomy of the mushroom. If you are going to microdose mushrooms, it is best to dry them first for more accurate results.

You can use any strain of magic mushrooms for microdosing, as long as you are aware of the amount of psylocibin in each strain for accurate dose measurement.


A full dose of dried shrooms is one gram, and what you want for a microdose is a tenth of that amount. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to microdose mushrooms:

1. Dry your mushrooms

Put your mushrooms in a jar and allow them to dry.

2. Grind your dried mushrooms

Once your mushrooms are dry, grind your mushrooms using a cannabis grinder or anything you can find in the kitchen.

3. Measure a tenth of a gram

After grinding your dried shrooms, use a scale to measure around 0.1 grams of the powder. You can go under 0.1g or over, it will take a little bit of trial-and-error to get the right dose.

If you feel a noticeable drowsiness, you should probably cut back the dose until you hit the right amount.

Microdosing Schedules

Although some people microdose mushrooms daily, it is not advisable. Without going back to your normal self, you will hardly feel the difference, especially when you build up a tolerance. It will defeat the purpose of microdosing if you make it a daily habit. It is good to note that various microdosing schedules will give you different results.


How is microdosing Magic Mushrooms different from regular use?

There is a very noticeable difference between taking a full dose of magic mushrooms vs microdosing. Basically, a full amount will allow you to experience some of the same benefits, but on a much larger scale. It is a very interesting trip into a world you never thought existed. It will enable you to use your brain the way you ever knew existed—hence the name “Magic Mushrooms.”

Regular use of mushrooms will give you a similar trip to the ones you see on TV. The first level of the trip feels very similar to getting high on cannabis. It gives you an overall happy feeling with subtle visual enhancements. If you microdose shrooms for the first time, you will probably reach this level.

A regular dose of mushrooms will unlock the classic psychedelic trip. Most people who don’t want that learn how to microdose mushrooms.  

Wrapping it up

Now that you know how to microdose mushrooms, you are now aware that it won’t get you high but rather enhance your senses and focus while still interacting normally and performing everyday activities. If you start to feel like you are tripping, it is not microdosing anymore, so make sure you don’t drive or operate heavy machinery in this state.

what are the benefits of shrooms - enjoy club

What are the Benefits of Shrooms?

Magic mushrooms, shrooms, psilocybin, or whatever you want to call it, is more than just a psychoactive substance that can get you high or tripping. Just like cannabis, you can also take magic mushrooms and experience their medical benefits. And in this article, you will learn about all the benefits of shrooms.

Although it is not entirely legal in most countries due to a lack of interest, openness, or knowledge, you can find this magic substance all over the world. Evidence suggests people and shrooms have some sort of history and connection, dating as far back as 9000 BC. This only means that people have already known and experienced the benefits of shrooms for quite some time. 

Nevertheless, it is good to know that human beings were curious and already experiencing the benefits of shrooms from the start—whether it’s the spiritual or physiological benefits. 

If you only know shrooms as a psychoactive substance, you should probably be reading this article—and learn where the world stands in terms of magic mushroom research. Recent studies show that microdosing magic mushrooms will enable you to take advantage of their benefits without getting high.

You read that right. If you are hesitant to try magic mushrooms because you are afraid of the “bad trip” stories, reducing the dosage can actually filter the high and let you enjoy the benefits of shrooms. Before we talk about the benefits of shrooms and how they are great for your wellbeing, you should know what shrooms are first. 

What are shrooms?

Shrooms is a psychedelic substance. You might find that information scary, but despite the horror stories about bad trips and ego death, taking shrooms is surprisingly safe. Plus, it is not naturally addictive. 

Yeah, it can cause hallucinations, and it might trick and tickle and make inanimate objects move. However, in that state of euphoria, you will experience a very meaningful journey and have profound realizations. These thoughts will ultimately make you think and reflect differently and have a better outlook on life after the magical trip. 

Just like Cannabis, shrooms come in different strains. Shrooms typically grow in dirt enriched with cow or horse manure, but some strains can grow on damp ground alone. You can also cultivate your own shrooms or get mushroom edibles from legal suppliers, depending on where you live to enjoy the benefits of shrooms.

Benefits of shrooms

If your interest in shrooms hasn’t reached its peak, learning about the benefits of shrooms will probably catch your interest. There are so many magic mushroom benefits, such as:

  • working as a natural anti-depressant
  • mental health benefits
  • reduce smoking and alcohol addiction
  • boots creativity
  • cognitive benefits
  • boots your immune system

A common misbelief is that you need to endure the high and trip out before thoroughly enjoying the benefits. However, that is not entirely true. Researchers proved that this is not the case, and microdoses of magic mushrooms is the key if you don’t like getting high. 

Although there can be a few sideffects to taking psilocybin, such as dizziness, paranoia, muscle fatigue, and more—magic mushrooms are significantly safer than most hard or natural drugs. 

Mental health benefits

Psilocybin magic mushrooms have this component that tends to increase neuron connectivity. It stimulates the brain receptors that can heal trauma. Many soldiers with PTSD have a better chance of recovering from their physical or psychological trauma more naturally by eating magic mushrooms. 

It is a natural anti-depressant that can reduce your anxiety, improve focus, enhance your connection with others, and improve your overall mood. It can give users a sense of peace and calm, which leads to less stress and a more optimistic point of view. 

A more positive outlook can lower your stress levels, causing you to attract positive things in your life. And less stress can also lead to better sleep quality, more energy, and better social skills when interacting with others. 

In the long run, shrooms can not only enhance your IQ but you emotional and spiritual quotient as well. A lot of people say that they had sudden realizations of becoming a better person. 

Reduce smoking and alcohol addiction

Because shrooms are a natural substance, they are not addictive. In fact, according to this study from John Hopkins University, magic mushrooms can help if you are addicted to alcohol or tobacco. It can help smokers quit; it can cure alcoholism and also help in breaking hard drug habits. 

They may still be listed as a dangerous drug in most parts of the globe, but in reality, alcohol and cigarettes have killed more people than substances like shrooms. If people are more open to learning the benefits of shrooms, more people will take advantage of it.

Boosts Creativity

Artists and creatives love psilocybin mushrooms. Whether you are microdosing or going on a full-on mushroom trip, benefits of shrooms can help you think differently and open doors for your creativity and ideas.

boots creativity - enjoy club

If you are a writer or composer experiencing writer’s block, one of the side effects of taking mushrooms is to help you think more critically. Being stuck in a rut is the worst thing that can happen to artists and writers, but shrooms can help you overcome it. 

By improving your focus and allowing you to shift to a different perspective, you can approach your craft from a different angle, which will help you think outside the box and complete your creative project quicker. Plus, if you microdose shrooms, it will provide you with more natural energy to complete any task you send your mind on. 

Cognitive Benefits

The benefits of shrooms also include better focus, which allows for better problem-solving skills. It can give you clarity and better short-term memory. Let’s just say that microdosing shrooms can make you sharper than ever. Even if you trip hard on shrooms, you will still get the same benefits once you sober up. 

There is no evidence that shrooms can give you information other than what you currently have. However, by making you think more logically, efficiently solving problems is one of its side effects. 

Boosts your immune system

If you are taking vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick, combining it with microdosing shrooms can help you fight viruses and bacteria that can harm you. We have the researchers and developers to thank by making shroom capsules with accurately measured doses by fully understanding the benefits of shrooms.

How to use shrooms

There are many ways to take mushrooms. You can brew and make mushroom tea or grind them and take microdoses. But the most common way to use shrooms is by eating them. A lot of people say that magic mushrooms take effect a lot quicker when you take them on an empty stomach. 

You can eat both fresh or dried mushrooms. However, fresh magic mushrooms are a lot more potent than dried mushrooms. The standard dose for dried mushrooms is one gram, but you can take a smaller dose or up the dose for more intense effects. However, we do not recommend going over one gram if it is your first time. 

It is also effortless to build your tolerance when taking shrooms, and that is why some people would take what is called a “heroic dose.” The measurement of these insane doses is more or less 6 grams—and this much shrooms will definitely put you into a trance. 

dried mushroom fresh mushroom - enjoy club

Taking dried mushrooms

For dried mushrooms, one gram is the perfect dose. It will unlock at least two levels of mushroom effects. To dry your mushrooms, put them in a jar and wait for a couple of days until it is dried and reduces its size significantly—making it ready for consumption, 

Microdoses of dried mushrooms are easier to measure. All you need is a grinder for cannabis and a tiny weighing scale for measuring smaller units like grams. Use the grinder for grinding 1 gram of mushrooms and divide it into 3 or 4 parts—which amounts to a microdose.

Because the ground mushrooms turn into some sort of powder, you can use that and mix it with your coffee or tea. Or, you can simply take the dose by using a spoon. There may be a lot of ways to use shrooms, but the best way is to eat it to experience benefits of shrooms quicker. 

Taking fresh mushrooms

Because fresh mushrooms are more potent, one gram of fresh mushrooms can take you on a more hallucinogenic journey than taking one gram of dried shrooms. Just remember to make sure your mushrooms are, in fact, the right kind of shrooms. 

Don’t worry; spotting authentic mushrooms is pretty easy because there are distinct characteristics, such as slight groves on the edge of the cap and dark blue bruises that are quick to manifest. 

Should I take magic mushrooms?

If you want to try magic mushrooms and experience the magic for yourself, make sure it is legal in your country, and only take the recommended dose for first-timers. If you just want to get the medical and mental benefits of shrooms, you can microdose instead.

Just like any other substance, too much use of mushrooms can cause more harm than good, so it is always best to keep an eye on your intake. Unless you are microdosing, going on a psychoactive trip might not be the best daily habit—making the moment less memorable. 

Does microdosing magic mushrooms work?

Does microdosing magic mushrooms actually work? Experts weigh in.

Silicon Valley tech execs swear by taking very small doses of magic mushrooms every few days — a.k.a., microdosing them — as a means of boosting creativity and productivity. Redditors report that microdosing alleviates their anxiety and depression, and even moms tout its productivity- and relationship-enhancing abilities. In June, Oakland decriminalized magic mushrooms, becoming the second US city to do so, less than a month after Denver, while efforts to legalize psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in shrooms, are underway in Iowa and Oregon. There’s also an effort to decriminalize psilocybin in California after a failed attempt in 2018. In other words, it’s official: Magic mushrooms have moved from the realm of hippies and Burning Man into the mainstream. But does microdosing shrooms actually work?

Mic looked to medical experts for help with separating the hype from the reality, and determining whether the claims made by microdosing evangelists hold up to scientific muster.