5 Destinations for your Shroom Journey When Covid’s Over

We all need a sliver of hope, and something to look forward to these days. Envisioning future trips can be one way to go about it, and since we’re on a site about magic mushrooms, why not take a look at some beautiful retreats that work with Psilocybin.

Whether you’re a novice, or an experienced psychonaut, the right environment, and a great facilitator will amplify the positive long-term effects of your trip. Here are a few great organizations that conduct Psilocybin retreats.

The Buena Vida Retreat

Location: Mexico

Aiming to integrate sacred psychedelics and ceremony into wellness ‘The Buena Vida Retreats’ acts as a platform for the many women healers working with psychedelics like magic mushrooms. There is a main focus on Mexican spiritual traditions and application of sacred plant medicines. Retreats also include classes in mindfulness and mediation.

Synthesis Retreat

Location: Netherlands

A legal and medically supervised truffle retreat center for those wishing to utilize magic truffles as a catalyst for breakthrough, personal growth and exploration. The Synthesis team has programming consisting of workshops, ceremony, open-dialogue, bodywork, mediation, sound and psychedelic education.

Rise Wellness Retreat

Location: Jamaica

With over 30 combined years of wellness, plant medicine and scientific study, the Rise Wellness Retreat team offers an all-inclusive experience that includes shroom workshops and classes hosted by certified wellness professionals.


Location: Costa Rica

Curated experiences at this retreat bring students from around the world to learn from magic mushrooms and other natural psychedelics. With plant journeys treated as a rite of passage, Apotheosis incorporates a wide array of spiritual, shamanic and philosophical modalities to create an enlightening experience.

The Sacred House of Eden

Location: US

Offering group and solo ventures, Sacred House of Eden has created a safe, healing and high-vibe space where you can step into your journey. Retreats offer a combination of intention setting, ceremonies, breathwork, inner child healing and integration.

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